Random Cam Story:

Zoey had never experienced sex, been laid, or anything. The most excitement she had was from her own masturbation sessions. Never once had she had a witness of her activities, but she could imagine someone watching her. Laying on her bed, with her blankets wrapped around her tightly like a constricting rope, between her legs and around her breasts. Her bra peeled away as her panties are tightly clenching her area by her vagina and between her thighs around her waist, covering her round firm ass. First, she rubs the space where her clit lingers, the fingers pushing in like a wavy pattern, three fingers to be exact, press firmly in and against her through her panties. The silk feels like it’s not even there because it’s saturated with her pussy’s juices. Often she fingers herself for a few moments, before pulling her fingers back to sniff. The smell so intoxicating that she does that a few times each time she rubs. When she feels the right sync, she pushes her fingers harder in and against her pussy. Rarely does she let out a moan, suppressing her cries for the final moment when she climaxes. In her mind, she pictures it happening – being bonded tightly, unable to move as he is on her, who he is, she doesn’t know, doesn’t care. Wanting everything to be pleased, but not telling him what she wants him to do to her since she asked him to gag her. The gag is in her mouth as she bites down hard on it, her eyes shut submissively as she feels him feel her up, her body warm soft and tender as he kisses her. She even hears a girl talking in the room; they both want to have their way with her.

The man manages to expose his dick as he rubs it against her pussy, stifling the sound she makes through the gag. Feeling her muffled cries resonate through the cloth on her mouth, she feels her body tighten under him. His body so overpowering, it covers her entire body as she writhes and squirms under him. Her naked body tucked into a small ball, feeling his hand grope her ass, sliding the palms up her navel and her back. Feeling all of her, her body pushing against him like small pushes and nudges, not wanting him to let go as she feels his grip tighten the way she wanted him to. Lifting her up after kissing her along her neck, he sets her on his lap, her legs willingly split around his waist as he pushes his head in her. The first push, the push that pokes annoyingly in her tight pussy, begins to wrestle away her pussy walls. They clamp back into position from the first push, again she feels him guide her tied body down on him, the head slipping in a little further because her walls are giving to the new and foreign object in her. The only fight she gives him is the occasional squirm away from him on his lap as he bounces her back onto him, her hips locking into place as he adjusts her. The breathing and feeling intensifies as she lets her eyes close shut, feeling the girl approach her from behind as her hands fondle her breasts and her lips press up against her neck as she nibbles right on the back, where chills rise up her spine. Her thighs clamping onto the man’s waist as she feels the sensation to curl up, the nibbling going up to her ear lobe as the touch distracts her slightly from the main source of pleasure. As he thrusts, the girl squeezes her breasts and pushes her self up against her, making the space tight and occupied. When they are both pressing up against her as tight as they can, her squeezed body can barely suppress the excitement. The girl notices her body tighten as her fingers linger around where his head presses in towards her gspot. The girls fingers tap along the edge of her pussy lips, her thighs trying to close the area in which the man and girl are pushing against her, but they keep her legs apart, grinding their appendages into her. The soft fingers and hard penis are difficult to differentiate as they touch each sensitive area in her vagina. She begins to moan and almost scream through the gag as they hold her still and had their way with her.

Her body can’t hold back now, as she sweats and cries helplessly to their abuse to her vagina. She loves it, but can’t control their hunger or pace with her. She breathes heavily through the gag, take in what she can as she feels her pussy react with all of it, first it squirts juices eagerly, then begins to secrete out onto them. When she finally relaxes, she feels more juices, one that’s are not her own cover her body. Exhaustion and fatigue wipe over the three of them, but they never once split apart, keeping themselves as one.

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